Collection: HORMONE TEST

DUTCH Complete

Test Details

Lab Company: Precision Analytical
Sample Type: Urine
Collection Location: At Home

The DUTCH Complete provides a complete assessment of hormonal health. By measuring a patient's sex hormones, adrenal hormones, and melatonin, along with their metabolites, this test can help identify symptoms of hormonal imbalances. 


Key Details 

  • Avoid avocados, bananas, and fava beans 48 hours before collection.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, or large fluid intake during the collection period.
  • If you are taking hormones or supplements, consult the information below and your healthcare provider to discuss collection timing. 
  • If you are a cycling woman, you must collect the samples on specific days of your cycle.
  • Ensure the samples are fully dried before shipping them back.
  • Samples should be shipped to the lab as soon as possible after sample collection. 
  • Preparation & Timing

    • For 48 hours before collection, avoid avocados, bananas, and fava beans.
    • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, or large fluid intake for several hours before and during the collection period.
      • Do not drink any fluids for 2 hours before collecting each sample. 
        • You can drink a little water immediately after sample 3. 
      • Keep fluids to no more than 32 oz total on day 1 (spread evenly throughout the day).
      • Keep fluids less than 8 oz between samples 3 and 4.
    • Taking hormones?
      • Do NOT take oral DHEA 48 hours before or oral estrogen or pregnenolone 72 hours before your first collection. 
        • Do not skip doses of birth control unless instructed by your healthcare provider.
      • Hormones taken at night should be taken after the bedtime sample. 
      • Hormones taken in the morning should be taken after sample 4. 
      • If you are using patches, pellets, or injections, collect samples midway between doses.
      • If you take glucocorticoids, check with your healthcare provider.