Our R&D expertise

Our R&D expertise

Our biologists, functional medicine physicians, chemists are fanatical about bringing the latest scientific advances and clinical evidences to life, creating cutting edge skin and personal care products and functional & prescriptive supplements that are inspired, effective and decidedly innovative in human health. We also perform the scientific concept about the consistency of internal and external human body to our products design and development. In this way, we can find the roots of causes and solve the subpar-health problem from roots.

Since 2016, QUTE has built its reputation on health management from education to products development. We have developed our own formulations, recipes, and solving platforms for both skin care and subpar-health using our more than 20 years of experience on clinical and life science researches. Our customers are from all over the world.

Our Research covers:
Functional supplements: Products with proprietary delivery systems, scientific ingredients and advanced technologies

  • Cosmetic: Products with botanical derivatives, plant actives, peptides and other efficacious cosmetic ingredients
  • Natural: Products with organic-based or chemical-free ingredients or a combination of the two

We also collaborate with the team whom are experienced in all FDA-mandated regulations and cGMP guidelines, as well as
European Cosmetics Directive and Health Canada mandates, this will ensure that our launches will thrive in the U.S. and internationally.

Our standards of excellence are rigorous; our commitment to research, uncompromising.