About us

Our reliable and professional functional supplements and functional skincare lines make your life fulfill with healthy and happy.

QUTE products and solutions

QUTE is a private American company which is located in Silicon Valley, California, USA. It was founded in 2019 by Stanford Biologists and Scientists. We have two specific product lines: functional supplements and functional cosmetics.

All of our products are developed by our highly experienced scientific team and physician team. All products are unique and special because of its clinical grade formula, natural ingredients, special formula design based on science and human physiological demands, formulated with multiple active ingredients, unlike products with single active ingredient found in the market.

At QUTE, we develop the clinical grade functional supplements which has been validated in clinical practices for more than 2 decades. It is different from conventional supplements, not only for its functionality, but also its personalized and integrated solution for subpar-health population. In this way, we develop superior product kits and solutions that assure outstanding results to those who are suffering from health problems that cannot be treated in clinic, due to the lack of obvious clinical symptoms. For example, for woman going through menopause, there are no suitable treatments to get rid of the side effects like sweating and insomnia in hospitals so far. Our functional medicine team applies the functional medicine strategy, product sets and solutions to help with the pain.

With our biological and medicine team, we also developed functional cosmetics with biological and medical concepts and strategies. All products are made of natural ingredients and biological grade. With our high-quality creams and serums, the skin will be radiant. Some products are medical grade with clinical functions which benefit to the solution of three fundamental elements of skin health: Prevention of sun UV damage, Protection of aging and Correction of skin problems, so that keep skin healthy and beautiful. 

We build QUTE with the concept of “FUNCTION” and “CONSISTENCY OF INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL”, each of our specialty products is designed to address these tenets whatever the supplements or cosmetics. By using our products and solutions, customers can ensure that they are getting healthier and more beautiful, from internal to external.

QUTE professionals

With our expertise and experience in functional medicine and biology, we believe that the most important aspect of our business is to develop and provide top-quality natural products, services and education to subpar-health population all over the world. This is so that diseases can be prevented, diagnosed and managed in advance.

Our goal at QUTE is to help people to recognize that health is crucial, the importance of prevention, and educate them in effective health management. Allowing people to achieve inner health and outer beauty, living with a higher quality of life.

If you are interested in our products, learning health knowledge, or have any health concerns, contact us at qutewellnesscenter@gmail.com or by phone. QUTE promises what it delivers – Professional, unique, high-quality products and superb customer service.

Mission & Vision


QUTE’s mission is to develop professional and medical grade products and services for people to live a healthy, happy and high-quality life!

At QUTE we want to:

  • Develop SAFE products: all products make with natural ingredients and no side effects.
  • Educate people on functional medicine which is well known in North America
  • Collaborate with talented professionals in the field all over the world, in order to continue upgrade the high advanced products and services that helps people to live healthier.
  • Build a good relationship with customers, collaborators and the health community.
  • Take responsibility for our products and services, in order to better serve the customers of the world.


At QUTE, we believe:

  • That our products and services must solve people’s suffering, whatever if they have any kind of subpar-health problem.
  • That educate people to understand that prevention is top priority in human health management in order to get rid of subpar-health in the world.
  • That mutual respect.

That people is a very important resource for business