Customized production

Contract manufacturing

Private label

Scientific and clinical research and development

Our scientific team and physician team work together from bench product development to product manufacturing. We have our own laboratory where we  conduct innovative research and development on site thus greatly expediting manufacturing time. We apply professional knowledge and 30+ years of experience in product development and utilize a vast authoritative and innovative resources for our research and product development. We develop our own formulations based on scientific knowledge and clinical effectiveness of functional medicine in the past 20+ years in clinical research. All development processes are assigned with lab numbers and undergoes a number systematic testings. New samples are provided to customers as focus panels for heir  assessment, resulting in higher quality products, safer formulations, and competitive pricing.


Our  two facilities of cosmetics lines and supplement lines allows us to be more efficient and professional in manufacturing.

We can fulfill a wide range of products and container sizes including bottles, jars and tubes, as well as card boxes. We also have designers to help with product design, label design, and logo design etc.

We can produce multiple batches of products in a single day. Our machinery can adhere front and back labels in one go, as well as wraparound labels, complete with bulk manufacturing, filling, decorating, packing and shipping.

Data & Documentation

We follow the manufacturing regulations and policies when we conduct the manufacturing.

Manufacturing data and process documentation is part of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Each batch is reviewed by a third-party company specialized in Quality Assurance Tests to strictly adhere to the parameters associated with the manufacturing and filling method to further ensure product consistency and efficacy.

We offer all type of test necessary to introduce the finish products into the market. With us you’ll have certified products delivered on time, competitive price for you, products made with high quality ingredients and with packaging that reflects your brand, and aligns with your business goals.

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